Appxis - The Best Personal Map and Information Diary in the World

Appxis helps users easily save your GPS battery power usage, draw on maps, write on maps, create custom maps and download unlimited free maps
Fig. 1 - Appxis helps users easily save your GPS battery power usage, draw on maps, write on maps, create custom maps and download unlimited free maps

Why use Appxis?

  • Optimized GPS: Reduce your GPS battery power usage and save 10-60% battery life by using Appxis to check your current GPS location
    (Appxis smart advanced GPS mapping technology uses much less battery power than most map apps)
  • Draw Distance Circle: Find all facilities & buildings within your specified distance at any map locations
    (Best for checking nearby places & amenities when booking hotels, shopping, traveling, buying/renting houses, etc)
  • Draw On Maps: Draw on maps with any lines, shapes, alphabets & pictures on any map locations in the world
    (Best for creating your own maps, modifying maps, make drawings on maps, share map drawings with friends/colleagues/clients, etc)
  • Create Custom Maps: Draw and create your own custom maps for any personal use, technical/commercial/professional projects, etc
  • Download Unlimited Free Maps: Download unlimited free high detail offline maps using the least file download size via "Surf-&-Download"
    (Best for users who need to minimize map download size (1) when on limited data mobile plans, (2) when WiFi is not available or (3) when low on disk space)
  • Minor Roads, Streets & Buildings: Allows users to download the most highly detailed maps of any place in the world, inclusive of most minor roads, streets & buildings
    (NB. Such high offline map details are usually only available in paid apps & expensive map devices)
  • Personal Map Notepad & Information Diary: Write on maps with any personal notes, reminders or location bookmarks easily both online & offline
  • Map Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite eateries, shops and hangouts
  • Best Travel Planner & Travel Assistant: Make any personal notes & location bookmarks on any interesting travel spots you would like to visit during your next holiday vacations, business trips, etc
  • Best Map Notes Organizer: Organize your map notes easily with cute little map pins of your favorite colours
  • No Internet Needed: Appxis is one of the very few apps which supports both online & offline map use for most features
  • Get Your Own Free Personal Map URL: Share any map notes with your friends, family, colleagues or clients via your personal map URL at, by creating your personal Internet map or map blog
    (NB. Please do not uninstall the Appxis app if you wish to keep your "My Appxis" personal map URL as Appxis usernames of all inactive accounts and users who uninstalled the Appxis app will deleted. This security measure is to protect "My Appxis" maps from spams and phantom users, so that inactive usernames can be reassigned to genuine active users instead. For more information, please refer to our "Help" section in the Appxis app)
  • Embed Map: Embed an interactive map on your blogs, websites, emails, forums, social media postings, etc
  • Dual-Map Engine: Allows users to check Google Maps & OpenStreetMap simultaneously, so that users can search difficult-to-find map details easily and conveniently
  • Best Map Complement Tool In The World: As Google Maps is the best online maps and navigation app in the world, Appxis does not provide the same tools as Google Maps and instead helps complement it, by providing users with interesting features not found in Google Maps (Main Differences between Appxis and Google Maps)
    (NB. Use Google Maps for your location search/navigation, Use Appxis for your personal map/information diary)
  • Take Map Pictures Easily: One of the top apps which allows users to take unlimited map pictures/screenshots in the fastest time
    (Best for checking map locations offline when you travel overseas and do not have a data connection)
  • High Privacy Protection: Users can set your individual map notes' privacy level at either "Private", "Friends" or "Public" depending on your different requirements
  • Multi-Device Support: Users can access your free Appxis account across multiple mobile devices & all your map notes will be synced automatically
  • And More: Map News/Information (e.g. major earthquakes, popular shopping belts, exciting happenings), Measure Map Distance, Measure Elevation (altitude/sea depth), Check Map Coordinates, Check Current Location (indoors/outdoors), etc
  • 100% Free-Of-Charge: Appxis helps users get expensive high detail offline maps & professional maps tools absolutely free!

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