Measure Map Distance Online

Use Appxis to measure the exact distance of any map locations in the world easily and accurately using any online web browser (100% free-of-charge).
(NB. Data, imagery & map information are provided by courtesy of Appxis, MapQuest and OpenStreetMap)

Useful Tip:
To get the most accurate distance measurements, please zoom the map to the highest zoom levels when placing the measuring map pins, so that you can position the pointer of the map pin exactly at the point of measurement you are taking.

Measure Map Distance Online

Select distance measurement method:

Radius Distance (Distance from a point)

Point Distance (Distance between 2 points)

1. Select Start Point on the map:
Drag the green map pin to your starting point on the above map

2. Enter max distance from Start Point:    km mile

Share/Embed/Save Measurement: You may share, embed or save the current distance map in your blogs, websites, emails, forums, social media postings, etc by copying the URL/HTML code below
  URL/HTML code for the above measurement will be generated after you click the "Generate Radius Distance On Map" button.