Draw On Maps

Want to draw any lines, shapes, pictures, etc on any map locations in the world?

Appxis helps educational, commercial and government organizations such as schools, tertiary colleges, companies, government agencies, military professionals, etc create drawings on both online and offline maps easily using your mobile devices, mobile phones and tablets.

By leveraging on our advanced mapping capabilities and technologies of our highly useful Appxis app platform, Appxis provides specialized services to build professional map drawing apps for educational, commercial and government organizations for your specific uses such as educational projects, engineering projects, technical projects, commercial projects, activities/events planning, military exercises, etc.

    Draw On Maps Highlights
  • Draw anything (e.g. lines, shapes, pictures, alphabets, etc) easily on any map location in the world using your mobile devices, phones or tablets
  • Be able to draw on multiple map sources such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, customized maps, physical maps and many more
  • Users can draw on both online maps and offline maps depending on your requirements
  • Map drawings can be used both online and offline if required
  • Build and create your own customized maps at the lowest costs
  • Add any additional map tools/functions to your own customized professional map drawing app

If you wish to get your own customized professional map drawing app for your organization, please feel free to email us at marketing(at)addge.com and we will attend to you asap within 2-3 working days.

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