About Us

Appxis is one of the best personal map and information diary in the world
Focused on developing the best technology to help people get the best free professional map tools, personal map and specialized information in the world, Appxis hopes to use our leading-edge/patent pending technologies to improve market inefficiencies and enhance the flow of good quality information.

  • Appxis Mobile App: Draw on maps, write on maps, create custom maps and reduce GPS battery usage
  • Appxis Mobile App: Get your free personal map with your own web url at www.appxis.com/myappxis?u="yourchosenusername"
  • Appxis Mobile App: Download unlimited free high detail offline maps using the least file download size via "Surf-&-Download"
  • Appxis Mobile App: Write any personal notes, map reminders or location bookmarks on any map locations in the world easily both online & offline
  • Appxis Check: Check and search the best product reviews, online stores, popular topics and useful information from top websites/sources across the world
  • Appxis Check: Helps complement traditional top search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, etc by combining their search results, so that users check anything they need and get the best quality information in the shortest time
By using Google Maps (which has the best location search and navigation functions in the world) together with Appxis (which provides the best personal map and information diary), users will be able to get any map/location information even faster, easier and more enjoyable.

Appxis is a leading IT and map technologies firm in the world and is a business partner of Addge Pte Ltd

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